Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So yesterday I got a small backlash on the post. Totally understandable.

Some thought I was bragging about riding expensive bikes. I was not. I know a lot of people who ride expensive bikes that do not own a bike shop. Their bikes are just as good as the ones I ride.

Several comments were just buy a bike and shut up. Thats a valid point.

In fact, I do own a Long Haul Disc Trucker. Its the bike that used on my trip up to Northern Wisco last July in the 100 degree heat. So... theres a memory.
And the bike is mine. Not for sale. Its got one memory.
And then in the next breath I say: Its not for sale today, but will be when I get the new CoMotion touring bike next month.
Thats not true. But it could be. 

Owning a bike store, buying a bike is very hard. You can do it for sure. But it does not make sense  Here's a very expensive bike... I can buy it for $5000.00 (retails for a lot more) or you can just demo it and sell it off demo terms.
Choose wisely.
Im not going to dwell on this here. In a nutshell, all Im sayin' is that my old bikes I had back before I had the store were just as cool as the ones I demo today.
Especially the Sledgehammer.

I'll kinda morph this into another thought in the same genre.

Its stuff like this that one need to be careful with. Taking a hobby that you are passionate about and making it your job or business can be tricky. It you are not careful you can ruin that passion in a hurry. Ive seen it done. Once your hobby becomes work its all over. I know a lot of long time store owners\employees than no longer ride and have not for years. Very sad.

I have felt that coming on. Several times. When your working here in the store 12 hours a day for many days in a row you need something to pull you back. Back to reality.
Its very easy to forget why you took on this huge responsibility of store ownership.
And I can tell you its not the money.
Its so much more than that.

When I get that way all I have to do it look on top of the fridge, in my office and see the Sledgehammer and it all comes back in a hurry. I remember why Im here. I remember how lucky I am to have even had the opportunity to do this. And sometimes all it takes is writing a blog post about it (with or without negative feedback) to help me realize my position here.
So yeah... I'll continue to ride expensive bikes that are not mine. Then look up at the Sledgehammer and smile. And maybe post about it. Again.

The store is ready to open. As soon as the guys get here Im out on a ride.


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