Tuesday, June 18, 2013


So the reason for the mini vacation was the bike race. But when I do this type of thing I get caught up in the vacation part of it and forget that I need to prep for the bike race. So I didn't. And it showed Saturday morn.
30 yards to go. About to get knocked off the podium.
I was having such a good time as we rolled into Houghton that I forgot I had a race in the morn. We tooled around town for awhile  Walked main street. Ate and hung out at Keweenaw Brewpub.
We stayed in the hotel adjacent to the start area so a early wake up was not needed. I rolled out of bed to realize I had nothing to eat in the room. I grabbed a blueberry muffin and washed it down with some Poweraid.
And that was the extent of my pre race meal. Not the best.

I did take on a couple energy chews just before we left but it was too little to late. I really was not that concerned since I was not taking this race very seriously anyway.
I of course opted for the shorter 16 mile course. And I must say, those were about the hardest 16 miles I have ever done. The amount of elevation change was like nothing I have done before. I've raced on several ski hill (and not liked it) but this was harder.  Maybe because I had no idea where I was going all of the time. I never knew how long the climbs were. So I never knew how hard to start at the bottom.
Many times you would start, and see a turn, only to turn up again, then again.

For the most part I always finish a race strong. I just plan it that way. I usually pass a few riders in the last few minutes of almost every race I do. Weather its a 50 minute WORS race or the Fat Tire 40 at over 3 hours. I always plan to finish strong.

I did not finish strong Saturday. In fact, in the last two miles I got passed by at least 10 bikes. These were bikes I managed to stay ahead of for over an hour. And this is the first race I can remember that I ran out of gas before it was over. At that point Im pretty sure I was winning the Clydes. I saw one big dude pass me for sure. Maybe another. Then, as it turned out, I was out sprinted at the line for the podium. I was running third up to about 10 feet to go. Saw him coming and could do nothing about it. I gave it a go. That hurt to the point of puking. When that happens it kinda leaves the race on such a negative note. So in Clydes I finished fourth. Out of just 6. Overall I was 116 out of 178.
Again, after the race I noticed I drank less than half of my bottle. And ate one muffin. In a hour and forty five minute race. Pretty stupid. By hey, I was on vacation.
Huge dehydrated headache for hours after. And even tho my stomach was ridiculously empty I could not eat for hours. I was in pretty rough shape.
I guess I only have room for improvement in the eating\drinking dept then...
Next time I will prepare better. Unless Im on vacation. Then I wont.

Part 3, after race stuff tomorrow.


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