Monday, June 24, 2013


So it was a bit of a uneventful weekend. Since I took my mini vacation last week it was my turn to work the entire weekend. So no group rides. I did manage to get out both Saturday and Sunday for some solo miles. Both days on the cross bike.
You ever ditch riding a bike, only to pick it up after some time and wonder what the hell you ditched it for?
Thru winter and the crappy spring I have rode my cross bike, then put it away when I got the Felt F1 in April.
Saturday I grabbed it for a quick ride before the store opened and was reminded why a cross bike is my favorite bike in the world. An hour on the road and a hour in the woods. Sunday too. I have more fun on a cross bike than any other. Including MTB.

But Im always solo when riding it. No way could I bring it on a group ride. Or any other ride for that matter. Unless its all cross bikes which is not possible cuz not everyone owns one ( I do not understand why).
Its funny how even roadies who race cross never ride them for fun. I never understood that since I am the complete opposite. In June\July a cross bike seems to be a afterthought. 

To me, its a perfect time to ride such a versatile bike. Even if its just road the wider, lower pressure tires are just so much more smoother on our citys crappy roads.

Generally a cross bike has a higher headtube so its a bit relaxed to ride.

So this weekend I was re introduced to the perfect nooner bike ride. And I plan on riding this bike more. In the summer no less.

There seems to be a upswing in the gravel/crappy road rides. I just heard of a metric century gravel ride this last weekend up near Houghton. Those things sound like fun.

People ask me if they should ditch a road bike for a cross bike and switch tires for road riding. For some people I think that would work fine. But you would want a higher end cross bike. Without disc brakes. I remember a couple years ago I was riding both a Trek Cronus and Blue Norcross at the same time. Both bikes weighed in at 15 pounds and some change. Both bikes cost right around 4k. Both bikes would have made a fine road bikes once fine tuned. I remember the Norcross having a compact driveline, perfect for road riding. The Trek had cross specific chain rings and that might hurt you a bit during the faster road rides.

But overall I think a high end cross bike is roadworthy to the common rider. Still plenty light. Still plenty stiff.

So in closing, if you have a cross bike collecting dust hanging in the basement, get it out for a ride. Hit the woods. Have some fun.


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