Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Drove here but did not ride.

Besides blowing the race there was a lot to do. Mostly sight see. After the race I drove the 40 or so miles to Copper Harbor. Too blown out to ride but killed some time and I needed to sit down after the race anyway. So I sat in the car.
There are so many trail systems up here. Houghton has the Hancock system to the north, thats the stuff I raced on. And the Mich Tech trails to the south. Heading up to Copper Harbor (another system) you pass the Swedetown system. Holy crap you can ride up here a week and not hit the same trail twice. And all these systems are putting on a race of their own. Pretty soon you can race every weekend up here!
When not on the bike or in the car we walked the streets of Houghton. And how could we pass up the Seafood Festival. We ate there Saturday night. Strangely, I had a brat. And not a very good one by Sheboygan standards. 

So between the path riding in Marquette, ship watching, walking and hanging out with the local flavour we had plenty to do.

As much as Marquette is a college town, Houghton is even more so. Mich Tech is a pretty big place. And even tho school is out there still was quite a few kids left. Not sure what the drinking age is in MI but they looked pretty young at the Brew House.

Overlooking the Superior Dome in Marquette. If I had a choice I think I would call Marquette over Houghton. They have a Ore dock for big ships, plenty of trails of their own, only four short hours away too. Plus Ore to Shore. Houghton was nice tho. In its own way I guess.

But its Marquette Im going back to...


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