Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Its been awhile since I had a decent HP visit. Tons of people chase me to find another secluded spot to hang. But soon school is out and that might just be impossible to do. Unless, like today, its raining.

It seem very hard to string a couple good days together. Yesterday was a good day. Today almost 20 degrees cooler and rain.

Really, yesterday was the first day warm enough in the morning to sit on the stores deck. On June 11th.

Today Im getting all my ducks in a row to leave tomorrow afternoon. Ordering ahead in the store. Things like that. Also want to get a small road ride in between the raindrops if possible. Need to keep the training going for the race on Saturday. Since I first started training last Thursday...... I figure that should be plenty for Saturday.

Did I ever mention how pumped I am to be headed back to the UP?
I did.
On the issue of my new big ship hobby, Marquette has a big ore dock that ships frequent. And one of the ship tracking sites I watch has a list of port including that one. Its shows all the scheduled arrivals. I hope one it in port when I get there tomorrow nite. It shows two ships arriving today but most likely will be gone by the time I get there late Thursday. Bummer.

But whatever happens it will be good to be back in Marquette. Love it there.


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