Thursday, June 13, 2013



To me, today feels like the first day of summer. Sun is out. Its warm enough this morning to drive with your window wide open. Tunes blasting. People are all in a good mood.
This usually happens at some point in early May, but its mid June.

If I cant mention this enough, Im in a good mood cuz in four hours Im headed to the great north woods of the UP of Mich.
Arrive in Marquette tonite, hang and ride there tomorrow, then over to Houghten Friday nite for Saturdays Chain Drive. Then hang in Houghton Saturday nite, then work my way back thru Marquette on Sunday.
I'll be able to post a bit from up there as Im bringing my netbook.
So for me, today is Friday, sort of.
I found a good spot for that old bike I found along side the road in April.
It is now a work of art.

Since its my Friday I will say have a good weekend.
Im out!


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