Monday, June 10, 2013


This happens every spring. This year more than before. I spend the spring riding road, then, I get a MTB and remember that I was a MTBer way before I had a road bike.

I mean, I am the current president and race director of the local MTB club.

But this spring has been strange for me. Not having a MTB for so long in to spring\summer.

The I get a bike and the first time I ride in the woods I remember why I started riding in the first place. Those who did not know be back in the day would not know but I absolutely love riding a MTB over a road bike.

First off, its hard to get hit by a car, so its game on with the earbuds. Loud. That is my best solo scenario. Tunes blasting while deep in the woods.
Sunday was one of those rides. The kind of ride that makes me wonder why I have a road bike in the first place.

I speed up and slow down with the tunes. Greenday has me hitting zone 5. Then some old school Billy Joel has me slowing down and take in the sights. It is by far my favorite way to ride a bike.
 Its Monday morn and Im already pumped about heading to the UP on Thursday. On Friday I will be up in Marquette riding the trails there, then Saturday in Houghten for the race.
I cant wait. Its all I think about. Especially since my day off last Thursday got rained out. Im not leaving until Thursday at 3pm and the bike is already on the car. Yeah, Im pumped. Or stoked as the kids would say.


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