Monday, June 3, 2013



Monday mornings are very busy for me. Its pretty much ordering day. Re stock from the weekend. Order Monday, receive Tuesday\Wednesday.
My weekend went as planned. Early morn ride on Saturday, no riding on Sunday.
Thats a bummer. Its cold again too. I just put some clothing away back home and dragged some back out again. Mid 40's every morning this entire week.

Its not worth complaining. I did that last week.
I did figure out my MTB dilemma. Since Trek is doing Projectone for MTB's I have one on order. Arriving in early Aug. In the meantime Im getting the highest end aluminum Superfly. Toss on the Easton carbon wheels and its not a bad ride. And totally sellable when Im done with in in August. That arrives tomorrow. So I'll hang up the fatbike for a few months. I have two weeks to train as Im signed up for the Keweenaw Chaindrive in just two weeks. Thats not a lot of time. Looking forward to hanging in the UP again.

And getting back to some major Clydesdale racing.


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