Thursday, June 20, 2013



Not sure how many times Ive said this, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed. But today feels like the first day of summer. Sun's out. Its warm. People are everywhere.

At 8am I was driving with my window wide open. At 8am! Usually its in the 40's but today its almost 70 already! It feels good.

How many times have I said Im going to start my morning training rides. Only to get sick and tired of all the extra clothing needed when I could wait till early afternoon and ride without it. Looking at the forecast it looks like that time slot will be much more desirable to ride in. About time. It feels good.

How many times have I said the store about ready to break open, and schedule all hands on deck, only to have it drop 30 degrees and rain for 3 days ongoing. Looking ahead it looks like this is not a drill. People are actually going to ride bikes outside. For real. Store is busy. Real summer busy. It feels good.

As pumped as I am, Im not going to get in a ride today as Im headed to Milwaukee later for the first stage in the Tour of Americas Dairyland. The show stops here in town on Monday. As cool as it was to have a bike race zoom past the front door of the bike shop, Im OK with being three blocks away now. It was hard to get anything done that day. With me constantly chasing the employees back in the store all day long.

So Im calling officially summer here. Its arrived. To stay.

It feels good.


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