Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Yesterday I made it official and booked a flight to Interbike.

Ive been going every year since I opened the store except for last year, exchanging the Fat Tire 40 for the trip to Vegas.
But since that bike race has raised its fee to over a hundred bucks I'll gladly ditch it.

Ive been to this convention now three times. This will be my forth. However, I spend about 4 hours total in the show and the rest of the week goofing off. Usually hitting a National Park. So far its been Zion and Death Valley  And of course the Dam.

But theres a main reason I go. Its not the sight seeing or looking at bike stuff. Its CrossVegas.

If you gave me one bike race to see per year it would be this one. I usually get VIP passes and rub shoulders. Its fun.

So I guess I have something to look forward to in mid Sept.

That, and watching all the weirdos stumbling around Vegas.

I'll get there Tuesday nite. Hit the show Wednesday, the race Wednesday nite, then hit the road from Thursday to Saturday.

At least thats the plan. Subject to change.



Dave Hanrahan said...

The finals of the USA CRITS series will be in Las Vegas on Thursday, Sep. 19. That could be a good time, too!

Dan Dittrich said...

really? I'll maybe hit that up also. I rememeber some crit there a few years ago in the Mandolay Bay parking lot. It was pretty weak....