Friday, June 7, 2013


I finally have a  MTB. Prior, I was waiting for a carbon Superfly that has been on backorder. Now, those bikes are rolling in and Trek announces the Project One Superfly's. So I ditched the current bike I had on order and quickly put in for a Project bike. That bike will be a 2014 and will be due in August. In the meantime I just picked up the highest end aluminum frame bike. Superfly 100 AL Pro. Full XT.
It came out of the box at 26 pounds 10 oz.  I of course added all my personal effects to the bike including but not limited to the Easton EC90 carbon wheels. Its now a full 2 pounds lighter. Small 1.90 tires mounted tubeless. The hoops are light and rocket fast. That helps a ton. I rode it once so far. And its for sale in August. Just sayin'
When I was tearing it up I did not even notice the frame material. It felt and rode just like my 9k carbon bike I had last year. On a MTB, the only drawback to aluminum is weight. Unlike a road bike it rides the same. Im very happy with it. And have to ride it a lot in the next few days so Im prepped for my race next weekend.

Next weekend is looking good for me. Leaving Thursday nite for Marquette  Ride Marquette Mountain on Friday, then over to Houghten for the race Saturday morn...
Im kinda getting excited already.

The weather looks good this weekend. People has cabin fever. In June.
Get outside this weekend. I insist.


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Sarah Kopf said...

I'm so jealous of your bike awesomeness!