Friday, June 28, 2013



Living next to the lake give you opportunity to see stuff like this. Its raining like nuts over there. Today is a early post. Im headed out on the Felt F1 in a few minutes. Such a beautiful day today. Store is staffed so I dont need to be back anytime soon.
Another bonus start to the day. While I was watching that storm the ship Mesabi Miner comes out the side of it. It seemed to have powered right thru it.

Rarely do you see a ship in the lake in the summer as they are either on the other side or  just down the middle of it. The Miner must have came closer to shore to try to steer around the storm.

So far up to now its been a great start to a good morning.Im going to hop on a bike and continue that. So being Friday I have no set plans for the weekend and thats kinda a good thing in my book. All options are open.

Options are good. I'll be sure to use one.


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