Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Im doing it again.

Ive had several business's and with every one I burned myself out. The business consumes me and its all I do and think about.

Today is the 17th day in a row I will be in the store open to close. Actually  two hours before open to close. And I promised my self I would not do this when I started this deal.

How many times has someone took their hobby, turned it into a biz, and ruined it for themselves. It would be super easy to work myself into the ground and turn on cycling. Even hate it. Im not going to lie. Ive been close. Too close. Especially now with the store open 7 day a week.

Today, as I finally get some time to type, I am on the first stage of burn out. First thing that brings me back is actually finding the time to type this. That helps. Getting out on a bike helps too. Maybe later today.
But when you hit the second stages of burn out, which is very close right now, you lose perspective. Make bad desitions. And pretty much freak out all the employees.

So... tomorrow Im taking the the new MTB and taking the day off. Going to throw the store keys at the guys today and run. One full day of no store and no work. Just bike riding. And whatever. Maybe Door County. Maybe southern kettles. Something.

While I caught myself....this time. I should never let it get this bad. I should take at least one day a week away from the store. Now that I have a MTB to ride I'll do a few races. In fact as stated earlier, Im heading up to Houghton,MI next week for the Chaindrive.

So Im feeling better already.

And thats good cuz I dont want to be another guy who stops liking bikes and cycling cuz he owns a bike store.


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