Tuesday, May 28, 2013


crappy day. 915am
What a crappy day.

However the weekend was a bit better. The store rocked it on out first Sunday, and at the same time I nailed down my first 4 hour ride. That. along with 2 hours on Saturday and Monday put me almost 8 hours on this three day weekend. More if you count Friday.

And Im feeling better with every hour. Sunday's four hour ride had me averaging almost 17mph for the duration. Thats up from my previous rides. The legs are starting to come around. And that means its almost race time.

And it also means I will order my MTB soon. As posted earlier I do not have one. Not that its a big deal. I can order one had have it here next day. Not the one I want, the Superfly SL Pro is back ordered into the next millennium (exaggerating).
Im going to most likely get the aluminum Pro. Full XT. That will hold me over until the 2014 Superfly SL is available to us dealers.

My next thought is: when to start this summers racing. I do have about 10 pounds to lose yet and was thinking about this next weekends WORS race but that most likely wont happen but I will keep it on the table until later in the week.

Like last year, Im not so much into the WORS stuff but more into the stand alone races. I have the Keweenaw in my sights. Stuff like that is fun. The middle of June seems to be a more realistic time frame for my first race. And their Clydesdale start st 220 pounds! That is so me. WORS need to get back to a real Clyde weight. But I'll plan on hitting two or three WORS races for sure.

I get kinda pumped when my riding is on the upswing. Its a good feeling.
Hope things continue.


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