Friday, May 3, 2013


Quick visit to the HP today. Had a bike club meeting that ran a bit late last nite. And had some work to do afterwards. So I slept in.

Im in a bit of a transition with my time during the day. Now that Im getting out on the bike its a scramble to try and do the same things per day with two less hours. 
First thing to go those days was this blog. I missed two days this week as a direct result of my midday rides.

I'll need to work on my personal schedule to clear this up. Soon I will be riding at least three days during the workweek. Maybe four. 

But as it gets warmer I can get the majority of my saddletime before the store opens maybe only taking an hour of of my workday. But thats not for awhile. I'll wait till noon and let the temp rise at least a few degrees.

This Saturday starts the group ride in summer mode and thats good and bad for me. Bad, as its now a almost 20 minutes drive form the store. And I could ride there in the morn but I need to get back to the store sooner than later. I dont have the time to ride back. Bad, that its way harder for me. I will get dropped and have to ride back myself. Good, thats its way harder for me. I need to get pushed to the point of puking more. So I have a love\hate relationship with the summer ride. While my attendance with the ride in winter mode is near 100%, it falls to about 50% in summer mode.
Sometimes Im just as well riding from the store in the morning and doing my own thing.

And thats what I might do tomorrow morn. Get in a few hours solo. Maybe I'll ride out to the ride, and ditch out and solo home way early.
Or maybe it will be raining and I'll stay in bed.

Have a great weekend!


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