Monday, May 6, 2013



Just one of those weekend where I could not hook up with any of the rides. I had to work Saturday so I solo'd on the road bike. I somewhat dislike when the bike store cuts into my bike riding. And that's my fault. I need to plan a bit ahead with the schedule here to assure I get my ride time.
It was pretty cold along the lake and I rode maybe two hours at the most.
Sunday I laid around the house waiting for it to warm up. Predictions of 60 degrees get dashed here pretty quick. At 2pm it was still 44 degrees and I decided it was now or never. The never came pretty close.

But I dressed and planned to ride the fatbike over to our local park, which is only a 10 minute ride from where I live. Still a little wet but pretty ridable. There was a ton of people there and as I rode away from the lake the temps soared. 
I had to stop to take off my knee warmers. Then I stopped to take one layer off the top. Such a change of temps. Living close to Lake Michigan my entire life one would think I would have this figured out but no. And I dont like it much either.
I love the lake for 11 months out of the year. And this is the bad month.

So I rode the fatbike around. Just for an experiment as I was planning to race this thing this summer. I had 25 pounds of air since no float needed. And I was surprised on how rough the ride was. I would have thought that the bigger tires would make a rigid bike smoother, even with a ton of air but they really did not. All the roots and rocks beat the crap out of me. And made me think Im too old to race any kind of rigid bike. Even a fat one.

Sure, I could pull some air out and I will kinda experiment with "summer" air as opposed to "winter" air. But the bottom like is the squishier the tire the harder to peddle. Its going to be quite a while until Im in race shape anyway. And even tho I was planning to ride the fatbike to start the summer and not get a MTB until Aug I just might have to re think that.

So it was solo for me this weekend. I do love company when I ride but sometimes it just easier to ride when the time is best for you.

An awesome weekend coming up as far as temps. I should get 10 hours in the week easy. And that will push my fitness along..


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