Thursday, May 9, 2013


814am View from the old bench.

Today was the real first "bench" visit to my HP. While I do come here almost every morning, then maybe again later in the day, I don't "hang" on the beach as much as I lead on. In the cold months I'll get out of the car but not real long.
Today it was warm enough to sit a spell. I had a favorite bench to hang out on but thats gone due to a parking lot expansion in the park. Go figure.
So I need to find another.
A good bench is one thats in the sun. Along the shore. It should have a lot of trees shielding it from any road or path. Secluded is a must.

While I spend almost the entire colder seasons by myself on this beach when it warms up its packed with others. And Im used to doing this morning ritual by myself. Today, while on my old bench a ton of people showed up and I just got up and left. But not before I spent about 30 minutes on it.

I had a first today. While sitting I heard loons out on the lake. They were too far out to see but I heard them twice. Ive only heard or seen them up in northern Wisco, never this far south. Most likely just passing thru. But pretty cool all the same.

So now that I have to share the park with "others". I need to find a new place to hang. Maybe my new bench should not be a bench at all. Maybe some specific sand dune off the beaten path. Not sure where but I'll know it when I see it.

Its not a big deal. Its a big park. And Im pumped that others enjoy it too. Soon school will be out and it will be full of others. Campers and such. Thats just part of the experience I guess.
I just adjust.


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