Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Start of a great day.
Yesterday I got out for what I hope is the start of many nooner bike rides. The kind of rides I schedule in advance and staff the store accordingly to do so.
Not last minute stuff. This ride is now on my day's schedule. Soon, this ride will move to mornings when school is out and I can have summer help open the store.
But for now I'll take mid day. Its warmer then anyway.

These are my get back to racing shape rides. This is the beginning of the ride more eat less somewhat training riding. Even tho I dont train.

These rides are solo. So its up to me to make myself suffer. And I am not the best at putting myself in pain. Thats why the fast group rides are so good for me even tho I get dropped. It forces me to suffer. Its times like this that I have a bit more respect for the pro or near pro riders. Even more for the full time working and still have to train pro or near pro riders. While I am no where near that level. Ive been exposed to it enough to know its not easy to reach the top five percentile. While I am no where even close, Ive been around it a long time and have seen what it takes to do so.

To stereotype pro or near pro riders, really they are very talented athletes who refuse to get a job. For the most part. Not all. If they are able to squeak out an existence while only riding and racing its all good. They are not lazy but complain when they have to get up early for travel, or dont get that nap after a training ride. Thats all part of the game. They will take out the garbage, but not before they spend two hours on the couch getting their legs compressed by some strange contraption.

If you're not a top gun riding for a Protour team you're not rich. But riding for some domestic team still allows for the bike bum lifestyle tho. Travel from race to race. Train some. See the country. Sleep late. Race bikes. Eat good food. Sleep late.
Its the life.

So as I rode yesterday and again today, trying to ride as hard as I can but then not because Im distracted. I have respect for those who are able to race to maintain a minimal existence. I'll never get to do it. Im not a athlete. Im old and overweight.  I always have to take the garbage out. I have no contraption to strap my legs to. I cant take afternoon naps. I will never be a bike pro.
But wait!
Four years ago I started a journey that is really the next best thing. I opened a bike shop. I can sleep late since the store does not open till 10am. At the time, I took a pretty good paycut to do this and as of today, it still totally worth it.
I ride bikes that retail near 10k, both MTB and road. I hang out. As long as I plan ahead (which, by the way, the bike pro's are terrible at) I can ride anytime. I can do almost everything a pro rider can do. Maybe a bit less traveling for me. But Im old and settled anyway. But I can work a lot when I need to, and a little when I want to. Im not getting rich but thats not why Im here. I always thought if your getting rich selling bikes your in it for the wrong reason.
Im here to live the life of a bike bum. As long as I can pay my bills and ride expensive bikes Im happy. As far as the store go's, I can pay someone to take out the garbage and go on a bike ride.
All this I can do without having to bust my ass on the bike almost everyday by myself. In the rain. No trainers in the basement. No  self induced intervals. How awful! My bike riding is always fun. I'll go hard but I could care less what the watt meter says (if I had one). Im never forced to ride when I dont want to and never have a chart telling me I can't.

So. As much as I talk about the pro rider lifestyle its really my lifestyle. I just got there on a different path. Whether my path is better than the other thats personal preference. But you dont need to be a freak of nature athlete to get here.
And Im proof of that.
Follow your dreams.


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