Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Freebee. Download it.

Ive mentioned before that Im selling my pics in the store. Its been a month and so far nothing. Its more for fun anyway. Im not offended if they don't sell. Good thing I dont have to make a living on that.
Someone said Im pricing them so low that they dont seem legit. If I priced them higher they would sell.
Here some are for sale on the wall.
Nobody comes to a bike store to buy pictures.

Today is a bit rainy. I have a window to ride around 2pm but I think thats going to be washed out.

Tomorrow I will try and get out for a longer ride. I need to set up long ride Wednesdays ongoing.

Scheduling here at the store is still up in the air. Even more so since Im now open Sundays. That throws a huge wrench into everyone's schedule. Nobody is very happy about it, including me. But its a fact of life.

Other than that is getting pretty gloomy outside. Time to open the store.


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Sarah Kopf said...

I can't, in my right mind, download something with all that white on it at this point in my summer relationship. That's like having a one nighter with your loser ex and then going back to Prince Charming the next morning. ;)