Friday, May 24, 2013


Blue Harbor Resort. 845am

When I decided to move the store I had it narrowed down to two places. Where I am now and a nice mall on the west side of town, near a highway.
As far as retail go's, the mall would have been a better choice  It had some big stores in it. Close to high traffic. It had a lot going for it. But that did not work out. So I made the move to where I am now. Down by the river. Its kinda hidden. In a very cool spot but hidden. Bad for retail. But the one thing I banked one when I moved in was the bike rental situation with Blue Harbor Resort that sits just across the river.

Yesterday that became a reality as I now have rental bike inside the facility. Starting with 10 and prepared to take it to 20 at the drop of a hat. This is the scenario that needed to happen to make the choice of moving here a successful one. Most of the day yesterday was spent training their employees on bike fitting and needed paperwork and this weekend is the test. Im sure we will have to tweek something but Im pretty sure all the bases are covered. 
This is phase one in SBC 2.0.
On to the next.
All that and I still managed a two hour ride yesterday. I was pretty pumped about that.
This weekend is looking good for a ride or two. Will get out in the morn before the store opens tomorrow.  And this weekend is the first Sunday open too. Busy weekend.
Alas we will be close on Monday. More bike riding.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Get outside.


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