Thursday, May 16, 2013


I do this about three times a year.

Yesterday I woke and glanced at my phone when I unplugged it. It said 70 degrees. At 7am? No way.
I threw open the patio door and sure enough, it was warm. Summer warm.

I had help opening the store so it was right then I decided this was a long ride Wednesday  I got ready as soon as I could, drove to the store, grabbed the bike and I was off in what I wanted to call a 4 hour ride.

I headed north, then west to get away from the pesky lake. What a beautiful day. I just kept riding west. It started to get hilly. Just kept riding west. Before too long I realized.
I was too far west. And out of water bottles. On a ride like this my mind can wander for an hour. I flipped it and started back. But heading south put me right thru the kettle moraine and it was hill after hill. After hill.

My four hour easy ride turned into a death march that had my legs cramping twice while climbing. I have never cramped on the bike in my life. Today was twice. And here was stupid thing number two: I tried a new energy drink. It did not agree with me. So I rode too far, rode too many hills, pretty much started dehydrated and got sick on some new drink.
I was two hours away and a mess.

Needless to say I soft peddled home. Total 3 hours 45min. 55 miles. Last 15 in pain. This was my bad in not planning correctly. And using a route suggested by a skinny person.
That said, Im glad I did it. Besides the dehydration what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I will do it again. Soon I hope. But will prep better. Drop a few pounds and those hill will still be tough, but not life threatening.

It may have been a little early in the season to try this but Im glad I did and Im glad I suffered. I'll know better next time. A buddy said maybe you over did it a little. I said when have I ever over did anything.

Maybe yesterday.


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