Monday, May 13, 2013


The Wilfred Sykes running close at 915am
Weekend was not much to write about. My window of riding opportunity got washed out Saturday morn.

 Sunday I actually dressed and headed out for what I was to think a big day in the saddle, only to turn back after 20 minutes freezing my ass off. I no longer have clothing in my bag to ride at 39 degrees and windy. Its all put away.

And that was the extent of my weekend. I worked Sunday morn. I can get a lot done with no distractions so I pushed a lot of paperwork for three or so hours. Got most of the ordering done.

It appears the temps are going to rise about 30 degrees or so in a day or two. Im working ahead in the store and will be prepared to play hooky.
Will need to make up for the crappy weekend.
Just gatta wait for it.


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