Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I try not to complain here a lot. Nobody wants to hear me bitch about stuff. But trust me, I complain a lot. Mostly in my head but thats a whole nuther' story.

Ive only been in the bike biz four full years. This month is the start of year 5. And so far this has been the worst spring for retail yet.

I would complain a bit in March, but not a lot, cuz its March.
April you still shrug your shoulders as its snowing on your spring sale. And complain a little louder.

May is still complainable early. Some were still CC skiing up north in early May. Trails were still being groomed.

Today, we are two days from June. And I still have not used sun screen yet for any ride. Still arm and knee warmers, or more, and still cold. The lake effect is in full swing here. Its game on in that respect as temps rise almost 20 degrees inland. This morn, here by me, 49 degrees and foggy as I got to the store. Summer just keeps dodging us here. Its a illusion done with mirrors.

Soon, I hope, things will turn around and the riverfront will be full of people and we can ride without all the extra clothing. I can distinctly remember saying "just a couple weeks yet" in early April. By couple, I must of meant nine.
So there, Im complaining. The slow start to summer, for me, is compounded a bit by the store's move in March. Big expectations put on standby due to weather. Something one cant control. Like a rain delay at the World Series. So you just gatta wait it out.

Couple weeks yet.



Anonymous said...

Wah wah, sniff, sniff. Poor boy.

Dan Dittrich said...

I know....right?