Friday, May 17, 2013


As it turns out it was not the ride the other day that knocked me out. Soon thereafter I realized I have a bit of flu going on. Today, its full on. Im down. No riding until my temp go's down. Sometime over the weekend if history proves.

So with the down time I realized its been a long time since I explained my Happy Place, or HP for short.
Its really Kohler-Andrae State Park. Im here pretty much every day. Sometimes twice. 

Every bike ride I do from the store go's thru this place. In winter, its where I groom the ski trails. I guess I cant really explain why Im there so much. Its almost out of habit now. I think it started in 2008 when I was separated from my wife for about a year. I lived in a little cabin in the woods (which was cool and awful at the same time) very near  the park. And I walked or rode there everyday for a long time. And never stopped I guess. Its got a lot of wildlife. Tons of tame deer. Cranes, eagles. Saw my first eagle there in 2008. First time I saw one when I was not in northern Wisco. A week ago I was listening to loons out on the lake. Also a first. I think thats what I like about it. After all these years I still get a lot of firsts there. I watch ships pass. Its got a lot of things I like. At times its very quiet. During the winter most times Im the only one there.
Today, its waking up and full of campers and beach walkers. Now I must share.

As far as State Parks go, its not my favorite  That would be Peninsula Park, in Fish Creek in Door County. I get there as much as I can. Both day and weekend trips.

But for morning coffee you cant beat my HP. I could post a billion pics of that place. I would not know where to start if I did.

 Pic 1: River otters visited the park a few years ago. Saw them for about a week, then they were gone. Never returned.
Pic 2: A visit from some Swans. This was also a one time deal. Never saw them again there.
Pic 3: Where else would you see a deer running along the beach?
Pic 4: In winter, eagles spend a lot of time here fishing.

I could go on for hours here. But I gatta open the store. If you look at these pics and think what a cool place, I'll tell you this is only about 15% of it. So much there and so close to me. How can I not like it?
Im laying low this weekend, I hope you do not.


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Sarah Kopf said...

Love all the wildlife!