Friday, May 10, 2013


While I have been in the new store for awhile, my lease did not run out on the old store till May 1st.

I had a few odds and ends to pick up so I stopped in after work yesterday.

Its kinda weird to see this. So empty.
Where this route to bike bumness started.

So many memories here. Good and bad. And last nite was the last time I will walk in there.

Im a pretty sentimental guy so I spent quite some time walking around the joint. Wandered around the basement. Found an old bike seat in the corner of a small room down there and left it. Hoping maybe it will never be found and serve as a reminder of what was a bike store here.

I will still drive by here almost everyday. And as it will take a new shape soon I will always remember it like this.
I took the pic with my phone as I walked out.
Moving on.
Today its crappy, rainy windy. No ride today but Im happy with my week. Tomorrow Im in the store all day by myself and hope I can handle it. Might be a long day. If I do get a ride in, it will be maybe an hour being back by 10am for sure.
Sunday looks like a longer ride. And with the two days of rain most likely road.

Have a good weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, where I began my new bike commute life. Thanks to the friendly help from you and your staff, it's been quite a ride (pun intended) Looking forward to continuing the journey at your new space. Thank you for everything!