Friday, May 31, 2013



Its been a good week on the bike. The last 7 days has produced over 12 hours on the bike. Three in the woods and the rest on the road. Im feeling much better in the saddle. Yesterday was a solid two hours on the Fat MTB. Or FMTB for shorter. The 3.8 Knard tires pumped up to 30 pounds. You heard me, I said 30.
Im not a big fan of the Greenbush trail system anymore. Huge usage has a billion rocks busting out everywhere. But the fatter tires made that a bit easier even tho I still had to climb with the added weight of a fat tire. Still, the high pressure gave a good roll as my downhills where just as good as with my Superfly. Even easier.
I struggle here on a normal MTB. You cant take your hands off the bars for a second or they get ripped out of your hands. I almost had that happen yesterday and I had both hand on tight. Another thing I noticed with the tires so full of air is that you can pump the tires hard enough to know you are riding a rigid bike. In summer race mode, I can see maybe a fork on these things soon. All in all its a bike thats fun to ride in summer too. 

Things you see on a four hour road ride. Note fog in background. Damn lake.

Two of the rides in the last 7 days have been real close to, and just over 4 hours. Those rides kick my ass and make me feel better on the bike at the same time.
Not sure that this weekend will bring. Im sure a smaller ride tomorrow morn, but Sunday I gatta work the store so not sure then either. Just will do the best I can.

Have a great weekend.


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