Tuesday, May 14, 2013


You all know by now I start my day with a visit to the lake.
I cant imagine not living here. Lake Michigan has been part of my childhood and adulthood. I look at it many times everyday. Not just notice it... look at it. Not a lot of people who lived here their entire life look at it anymore.

When you think about it, not a lot of the worlds population live next to large body of water. So I consider it a perk. Even people who live just 20 miles inland go months without seeing it. I hang out by it. Watch ships pass on it.
I must have a billion pics of that thing. I love living near the lake.
For 11 out of 12 months of the year that is.

Now is the time of year I just look at the weather and shake my head. Cooler near the lake. Sheboygan is kinda sticking out a bit as far as shoreline and we get pretty much the full lake effect. Just 5 miles inland it can be a full 15 degrees warmer. For real.

When, say, Madison,WI hits 70, we are at 45. And to make things worse the wind usually shifts off the lake in the middle of the day and temps just plummet. Sometimes I leave the store at noon and its 55 degrees, return at 2 and its 45. Thats a bummer.
Dressing for a road ride is a work of art.
45 degrees at the store, ride west for about 20 minutes and it jumps 10+ degrees. Pull off the vest, arm and knee warmers. Shove all the clothing in your jersey pockets so you look like a hunchback. Ride an hour. Return to the wall of cold. Put everything back on and finish the ride. The 10 or so degree drop completes in less than a mile.
Its just a bummer all the way around.
This phenomenon lasts about a month and is in full swing as we speak. All road rides head west. Throw the MTB on the car for a drive to warmer western climates. We do what we need to do to survive this.

So today, its damn you Lake Michigan. Damn you for stealing a month of our already much too short summer.

Alas Im not a guy to hold a grudge. Soon its all water under the bridge.
And then you will fascinate me once more. Once I put away my arm and knee warmers and not until.


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Anonymous said...

I read your post via Cindy Van Akkeren (fb). Being transplants to Sheboygan, my husband and I truly luv Lake Michigan. It is a beautiful, brillent, blue gem of the area. We live near the lake, run/walk near the lake, bike near the lake, hang-out on the beach, etc. We are so fortunate! Some of my best memories of Lake Michigan are not only the spectacular sunrises, but also the 4th of July evenings spent on the beach...the water is calm, the moon is full, the boats are hovering in the bay area near the lighthouse and fireworks fill the sky reflcting off the water. Unbelievable! Lake Michigan is worth all the cool spring days and crazy cold/hot/cold bike rides.