Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Todays going to be a good day. 
I had a lot going on yesterday and did not find time to ride. Or post here for that matter.

Yesterday was business tax day for quarter one. And of course, I save everything I need to do for that day. Yesterday.

Then, as Im ready to print out forms to send to the Gov. my computer takes a left turn and things stop working. So it was a bit of panic.
But one of my employees, Ben, is a computer wiz and writes code for a living so he came in and saved the day.

So today Im taking it easy. Spent some time on the beach this morn. Coffee and a muffin. Closer to noon I plan a pretty nice road ride. Couple hours. Should be close to 60 degrees then.

Its weird that its May 1st. Maybe not weird but strange. Maybe not strange.
Soon we have to stop praying for spring. Cuz its gonna be summer. Northern Wisco is getting another dose of snow again tonite. Up to 6 inches in Hayward area. Thats bananas.
I feel grateful cuz at least the snow is all gone here. As bad as this spring has been on this bike store I cant imagine how it would be up there. Although they do way more ski biz over winter.

Im hopefully going to get a little sunburn today on the bike. That is the only thing I want to accomplish today. Wish me luck.


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