Monday, April 8, 2013


W8,ing for me
Rainy and gloomy today. But the rain will be washing all the salt off the roads in preparation for us to get on our carbon bikes.

While my current cross bike is carbon, its not high end carbon. So I can beat the crap out of it in the salt and sand and not feel too bad.

But its got to pretty damn nice out for me to bring this  one out.

The Felt F1 just hangs on the wall in the store until then. I always took a little pride in riding what I sell and since Felt is now on the floor Im itching to ride this Protour bike. With the Easton EC90's it comes in at just a bit over 14 pounds. Super light.
With Dura Ace Di2 no less.
But just like a parent of twins I cant exclude the other. I will be on a Trek Domane in late July\early Aug to finish out the summer.
Demo'ing these bike is a tough job but someone has to do it.

This weekend had a lot of riding. Saturday had the usual breakfast ride rolling out. Its was a good 40 miles and good oatmeal.
Sunday I called out a small ride from the store but one of the guys busted a spoke so at midpoint I flipped to ride back with him and was happy to do so. I was not feeling the best on the bike. I rode like I had a brake dragging. But seat time is seat time. Almost 5 hours on the weekend. I'll take it.

This week is going to be a washout. Cold rain the next four days. Snow maybe on Thursday. It just wont leave. My patience for temps in the 50's is growing thin. Thursdays high in the 30's.

I would say something like we will just have to sit and wait for it but really we have no choice in the matter.

Today I'll sit and stare out at the river. 
Maybe a road trip south?


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