Friday, April 12, 2013


My back yard.
Really not much to say Pic says it all.

Day 6 out of 7 with rain. Not a normal rain. Lots of all day rain.

How strange this weather is. Looking at the 10day once again there's rain called for in the next 5  days. So we are looking at about 10 days of rain out of maybe 12. 
How is that even possible?

Slight chance of a break in rain for the ride in the morning. And I must do it or lose whats left of my sanity. Its been a long time since I saw the sun. And it affects me greatly.

All I can say is stay optimistic, sleep a lot, ride every little chance you get, even if its for 30 min.
We'll get thru this. Just lay low. It will get warmer and it will stop raining sometime.
I promise.

Lets see how things are after the weekend. 
Do the best you can to have a good one.


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