Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Another sunny morning. We all need this.
Today would be a good day for a nooner bike ride but I have a lot to do at the store cuz this weekend is the grand opening party. Starting on Wednesday to Saturday. Advertised sale. Hope its busy. Lot of prep.
I just hope it doesn't snow.

This morning I saw a glimpse of the ship Mesabi Miner. Heading to the Indiana port. Most likely carrying ore for the steel mills. Ship sightings are far and few now. You cant see them right from shore but if you get high up somewhere you might catch one on the horizon.

With the busy week blogging might take a back seat. Dont have a lot of time this morn cuz I gatta deliver two bikes sold yesterday. I like to do that sort of stuff. Gets me out of the store.

In the back of my mind Im dreaming up another long weekend out of town. As soon as the opening\sale is over and things calm down a bit.
And it warms up at least a little.


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