Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Another sunny but cold morning. I am watching the weather (like I always do) and notice the temp on the way up again. It still has not hit 50 here by the lake but that's expected. But I'll take anything that's sunny and in the 40's. Maybe Thursday I'll bring someone in the store so I can ride.
Soon I should start Long Ride Wednesdays. Soon.

Your looking at the Stewart J Cort heading up to Superior,WI. This is about as close to the shore as they get now. The big ships are almost all working now. There everywhere out there. Most of the time you cant see them at all.

My next ship trip will be a good one.
I would like to head up to Marquette, MI when a ship is loading at the ore port there. I believe that's the only one around and the closest. And you can walk right up to it. I took this pic of the dock when I was up there last fall. No ship tho...
The ships pull up on the right or left and trucks rumble overhead and dump the ore in bins. Then the dock dump the bins into the ship. They can dump any bin depending on where they want to distribute the weight. I don't know who long it takes but I know what ships work out of there so I can watch them and when I see one heading there I can plan the four hour drive.
Of course this trip will have some bike riding too.

Maybe as soon as the snow melts.


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