Monday, April 22, 2013



Feels like a million years since I last posted. I worked more than I thought and rode less than I thought this weekend. In my Happy Place this morn I sat on a certain bench that I spent most of my mornings last year for the first time. You get hit by the sun, which happened to be out and are kinda blocked from the wind. Its a warm spot. So spring is kinda on its way.

The weekend went well. With a slow start to the sale\open house I had poor expectations going into Saturday morn. But I had this feeling in the back of my mind and I cut the bike ride very short in the morn to head back sooner.
Arriving to the store I found a packed house. At 11 am. I had two guys working and they gave me the "its about time" look. I changed as fast as I could and jumped in. It was a incredible day and we broke the store's one day sales record. Thanks to everyone!

Heres a pic from the same bench last Sept. A lot less grass and stuff on the sand. The tree there looks different also. The branches seem higher now. Not sure how tho...

Sunday was a day of rest. I thought about a small ride around noon but just has no motivation  So I sat in the house and ate all day. Not a good thing to do and hope I dont have many more days as such.
We do have some rain moving in but the temps are on a steady rise the next week. 60's are being talked about next week. 
I might have to bust out that expensive road bike.
Goona measure it up for me this week.

And hope for the best as far as weather go's.


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