Monday, April 15, 2013



Saturday when we started riding it was snowing. Hard. Then an hour later the sun was out.

Yesterday I planned a ride around 10am. I ditched it cuz it was back to snowing. Hard.

This morning it is 55 degrees and sunny. Im having coffee out on the stores deck.

I was just thinking how mentally tough one needs to be to ride in the upper midwest. I'll pick Wisconsin since I live here. But the entire region in general.

This time of year its so hard to prepare for a ride when you have to take the time to layer up with all your winter thermal stuff. In January its not a big deal. Its expected. But in April its mentally tough to do. As I get older it get harder. Dressing myself for a ride these days is like going to the dentist. You hate doing it but know you have to.
But once you're set and rolling its all good and you're glad you took the time to do so.

I was just thinking this morning that I can remember dressing in my thermal stuff in mid November. That was a full 5 months ago. Think about it. Its been winter layers on the bike for 5 full months! Almost six!
This spring has been the hardest to take mentally since I can remember. A day in the 50's, then snow for a week. Another day in the upper 40's, then snow for a week. Throw in some flooding to keep us out of the woods till May. 5 day forecast has Friday nite in the upper 20's and snow.

It gets to a point where your mind is numb to it. You almost expect it. You try to trick yourself in believing that its normal so that when its back to winter it doesn't hit you as hard. I say do what ya gatta do to ease the frustration. I have some Jedi mind trick I play on myself so that when its cold and rainy I dont freak out. But those tricks only last so long. You wise up to your own shenanigans. Thats where I am today.

I am mentally drained and have a strong urge to hop in my car and drive south until its 60 degrees. Ride in shorts and jersey with no thermal anything.  But thats not going to happen.
If the weather dudes are correct, next Saturdays group ride will be in the upper 20's at ride time. Maybe snowing. And on April 20th I will have to once again put on my layers of thermal winter gear to ride. There is no other alternative for me. Im not going anywhere soon. And I need the seat time.
At some point this will end. It will get warmer.
Thats what I was telling myself a month ago.
I know what some of you are thinking. Its Wisconsin. This spring should be no surprise. And thats very true.
But does not make it any easier. Then I hear that I should just move if I don't like it. Hmmmm....let me think about that one...


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