Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Setting the piers the river behind the store.

Is it for real? Looking at the 10 day has no temps below freezing. The city has started to put the boat docks back in the water. These are sights and sounds of spring.
News that the DNR might even open some MTB trails this weekend!
This....... this is all happening so fast.....

I have things to do:
First off, I need to get my million dollar plastic\electric road bike ready for the road. Today or tomorrow I will get it on the fit table and measure it up for me. Then go thru the bike one more time. It looks like the maiden voyage will be maybe Thursday. Before the weekend. I always put a first ride in by myself. Its easier to stop and tweek. Then...

I will go thru my clothing bag. I can pull out all the "winter" stuff such as Amfib tights and cold weather gloves. I'll take out one top layer too making the bag a bit lighter. I will add in arm and leg warmers. Then I will have room for two kits instead of one. And the bag will follow me everywhere I go. Or at least always be in my car at the ready.
Instead of my winter boots I will have thicker socks and shoes. I have not rode with regular bike shoes since early November.

Looking at the weekend it looks like almost 60 and sunny.
I promised myself I wouldn't cry....


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