Friday, April 19, 2013



Holy crap. Its not raining. Feels strange. During the last few days you just detach from thinking about the weather. Kinda ignore it I guess. Saw a pic on facebook this morning of northern Wisco. They got even more snow. Reports up in Hayward of temps in the teens tonite.
At what point does one decide to call bullshit.

At what point does this go from "unseasonal" to "what the hell is going on" ?
I remember last Friday I said I was going to throw my bike in the river if I woke up to snow on our Saturday morning ride. Now a week later and I could say that again. At what point do we stop saying it will get better soon? Or just wait another week. How many times have I said that lately.

I can remember a few months ago setting up the store's grand opening and saying that I should be in the clear by the third week of April.

I remember many asking why was waiting and those dates seemed a bit too late. Now I wish I would have set it a week later. But then, maybe that would not have been any difference  Today, snow next week is not out of the question.

I remember, back in the day, when I would actually blog about a bike ride and not about the weather. I hope those days return.

Todays HP visit was nice as it was not raining. Even the animals seems kinda confused as to why they were dry. Strangely  whenever I drive around the park the deer come out to the road and I have to stop and wait till they move. Sometimes I have to shoo them off.
Makes we wonder if they are being fed out of cars. I hope not.
I hope they are just wanting to hang out.
Time to get the store ready. Its going to be a busy weekend. However, I will get the group ride in tomorrow morn and I purposely overstaffed the store.
I need my seat time.
Have a good weekend and stop by the grand opening!


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