Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Almost daily trip to the HP this week. Soon my posts will come later in the day as I hope to start riding in the morn. At least two days per week. Maybe start up long ride Wednesday again.
Today I will be prepping the Felt F1 for tomorrow's planed maiden voyage. Throwing on a set of Easton EC90's. I was waiting for Easton's 11 speed freehub and got that in the mail yesterday.
Soon the temps will be warmer and more and more people will show up at my morning HP visits. I'll back off a bit with car visits by then.

Mostly then my rides will be "nooners" with the window from 11 to about 2ish. Even tho the road bike will be up and running I use the cross for those rides. An hour of woods and a hour of road. Its my favorite ride.
Hope to do a ton of those.
Those rides are always solo. Me, myself and iPod.

On the other side of things. I have half a mind to head up north for some CC skiing. Such good conditions this late in the year one might not ever see again. Just a four hour drive puts you in January conditions.
Marquette and Houghton,MI
I wont go as I have a lot of riding on tap this weekend and the warm temps are coming now even for those areas. But how cool would that be.


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