Thursday, April 11, 2013


Even the crappiest of days has me starting out in my Happy Place. You just never know what you get day by day. Saw these guys prancing around. They never gave me a second look. The pic is from my phone so I did get pretty close and took the pic from my car. In spring (whenever that is) there is a ton of cranes in the park. Ive seen flocks of 15 fly by. You hear them more than see them.


Then these two were maybe 50 yards past the cranes. Like the birds, they just saw no reason to get up. Seems even the animals are finding this weather depressing. This is day four of no sun and rain. Its way beyond the complaining point. Just like the animals, one (me) just needs to hunker down and ride this out. Ive been sleeping a lot. That helps pass the time.

Looking at the 10day, its not good at all. At this point you over look the cold temps and just need to be happy with days that only have a 40% chance of rain or less. And there's not a lot of those coming up.
I wish I could hibernate.


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