Friday, April 26, 2013


Yesterday round noon.

Everyone is pretty pumped about spring finally getting here. I know I am. Yesterday was my first nooner ride. First ride on the Felt F1. First ride on a road bike since October last year. First ride on I bike I ride that has Dura Ace. Di2 no less.
It was a crazy first 30 min as I had a huge wind on my back that allowed me to cruise at 20mph. Talk about a wake up. Riding cross\Fatbike for the last six months then jumping into that scenario had me thinking about the pro peloton. It was fun while it lasted. I will publish my thoughts on this bike soon. After a couple hundred miles. Its really the first bike I ever rode that was not a Trek. Will let you know when I know. First ride impressions are good tho...
Did get out to the HP today. The deer once again were there to greet me. Most likely see them later as Im taking another nooner on the bike. And will be riding the F1 on the group ride tomorrow too.

Sunday Im riding a ride called the Cheesehead Roubaix. Another ride in the now super popular crappy road genre. Its cross bike on this 60 or so mile ride. 

Add that up and I will have about 150 miles or more in 3 days. That's going to wake up the legs weather they like it or not. And I cant wait to complain how sore my legs are Sunday afternoon.

 Its going to be a great weekend.
Get outside!!
I know I am.


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