Friday, April 5, 2013


Finally got in a daytime ride yesterday. While I do have a Felt F1 waiting in the wings, I'll stick with my cross bike until the snow is gone and we get some rain to wash the roads of salt.

Its a Origin8. Thats the house brand from popular parts distributor J&B.

Origin8 has always been a low cost, lower end bike and it has never claimed to be anything else but. A nice bike priced without the hype.
So when I saw they came out with a disc specific carbon cross frame I had to give it a try. And I like it. Its not a racing piece being pretty heavy compared to the name brands, but rides great.
Currently I have 28c road tires on it and it rides as smooth as it gets. And in spring Im all about the smooth. People ask me how much the bike would cost.

 The frame is inexpensive at a tick over a grand (full carbon) but the wheels are pricey at another grand. Im running Sram Apex and while thats not top end there is still stuff cheaper. So with all the bolt on's being good stuff the bike is still around 3k. But I could pull over a grand out of that easy with a few part swaps. This Fall I expect to ride either a Trek or a Felt but for now this is a pretty good ride.
Saturday will be the group ride in the morn but I wont stay for breakfast as the store is now rockin' and i gatta make up for the crappy March.
Sunday I was thinking of calling our another ride in the morning. Will see how that go's. Either way I hope to have more than 5 hours in the saddle this weekend.

Bring it on.


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