Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Yeah. That really happened.

I took this pic maybe two years ago. Lately I have been going thru all my pics to pull 10 or so out to sell. I task much harder than I thought as I have hundreds  As I stumbled on this one and first now did I notice the ship in the background. At that time I was not into that sort of thing. Did I even notice it? Most likely not.

Im planning a ride in the morn tomorrow. Its showing a high of 50. I hope to have someone in the store at 10 to let me take a two hour ride.
Im still riding a cross bike. The ride is so much smoother. Currently I run some 34c cross tires but today Im putting on a set of 28c road tires to help with the roll on the roads since the woods are too wet (and still full of snow) to ride in. Once the woods is available to us again I will put the cross tires back on so I can throw down some trail on a ride.
But for now it big fat road tires. A bit less resistance but still a bit of a comfy ride. At least when compared to a full on 23c road tire.

This has been the longest Ive ever went into spring without having my summer demos set up. I do have a Felt F1 waiting. And hopefully a Trek Domane coming around July\Aug. 
Still wont get my Superfly till June. I dont think we will start riding that much sooner anyway. I have time. And I have my fatbike if it gets warmer sooner.
So Im covered.
So many options. So many bikes to ride.
Its a tough job but somebody's gatta do it.



Anonymous said...

A ship story from JSonline. I also see the Steward J Cort has left Superior this morning. I assume it is loaded in Superior?

Dan Dittrich said...

Thx! yes, Im pretty sure,like most others, its loading ore in Superior bound for Gary,IN steel mills.....