Monday, April 1, 2013


I cant believe its April 1st already. Feels strange cuz really spring just started last week. Usually about his time we would have experienced spring for a month already.

Over in my Happy Place you can still see remnants of the ski trails. Dying a slow death. But there are some trail systems where you can still skate ski if you go early in the morning. A huge base of snow holds in the woods for quite some time. So..
Everything is one month behind. Its about one month to the day for the first MTB race in Wisco and no way could you ride in the woods yet. But the good thing is that everyone is behind. Unless you traveled south we are all in the same boat. I remember maybe three years ago having to ride my new Superfly around the block of the store to get some time on it before the first race.
Arriving to said race with about 30 minutes total on the bike, or any MTB for that matter.

So this year will be like that. I rode both Saturday and Sunday. Over four hours total and I can already feel it coming back. As I mentioned earlier, I was so afraid for getting blown out of the group. I thought there was no way I could hang. But really, everyone is as far back as I am. In fact I was not the worst off. That makes me feel a bit better of my riding fitness to date.

But I must remember Im road riding on a cross bike when everyone else (most) are on MTB's. Actually on Saturday we had almost a even mix of cross, MTB and road. About 5 or 6 each. So I guess my advantage was not that good. I'll take it.
I have not been on the fatbike in quite a while. But Im going to be on it eventually as my MTB wont be here till June. So when the woods does dry out, whenever that is, I'll be on the fatbike in the woods in summer time. Sounds like fun.

This week in the store, is rental ski storage waxing. Putting them away till fall.  Also waiting the arrival of about 25 bikes....

Looking back, I should have skied more. I got myself those expensive ski's and should have been on them way more. Sadly, I believe I was not out on them more than 5 times. Not sure why that was.
I did, however, ski in two new places this winter. Up in Peninsula Park (my second happy place) and up in Hayward, WI. Both times having the best ski's of my life. I guess in the future I would like to do more of that. Something to think about when I consider keeping those new ski's......

I'll consider this weekend a success. Rode two days in a row, that not happening more than twice before this year so far. And I felt better on the bike at the end. So, yeah, it was good.

Having all the kids and grand kids over for Easter negated any chance for weight loss having hamburgers and brats on the grill, along with stealing some of the grand kids candy out of their baskets when they weren't looking (what?). But thats OK. Stuff like that is not every weekend.


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