Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I almost never post about my weight issues anymore. Its always just sounded like I was either complaining or just feeling sorry for myself. 
Or both.

I guess its cuz I can carry it for the most part. Even with the weight I still ride good enough to race and group ride (for the most part). I always thought I was about the fastest fat guy on a bike. So... I just rolled with it so to speak. Then, in just the last few years, the weight started taking a toll on my body. 
First off, I need a CPAP machine to sleep. Then, last year I find out my knee is shot and needs a complete replacement. It hurts everyday. Thats not a direct fault of my weight but Im sure it contributed.
Now, I have a hip thats going bad. Again, not just because Im overweight but the extra work my joints are doing is taking a toll.

Im not sure when my mind will be strong enough to lose the weight, but my time is running out on my active life. Left unchecked I could be off the bike in just several years. Not completely off the bike but not racing or riding hard with the group rides. Riding how I like to ride.

Right now I cant walk well. I could not walk more than 20 minutes until the pain in my joints screams at me. As far as cardio, I believe my heart is as strong as I horse. My heart rate is strong. At 52 years old I can still hit the upper 180's. An hour long race I can average 170. So I can still pedal pretty hard. Its just all my joints form my waist down is going to hell fast. Its more of a mechanical issue.

And losing weight wont fix that but would make things easier to tolerate. My problem is that I just cant lose weight by just eating less. I could eat less, but then I feel like crap all the time. Back in 2008 I went thru a tough patch in my life and lost 40 pounds by starving myself. I was faster on the bike and felt like shit 90% of the time. Im pretty sure I did more damaged my body and did more harm than good.

Im going to need that knee replacement someday. And Im putting it off as long as I can. Maybe wait until they can add a hip to that too. Do it in one swing.
Or maybe not do it at all.
Whatever. As long as I can still ride like I want to ride.

So I have some decisions to make. I know what I need to do. I just have a hard time doing it long term. But someday its going to come to do it or stop living the life I have now have. At what point it does not come as a decision at all. At what point will it be a necessity?

I just need to do it for real and shut up about it.
Maybe someday.



Anonymous said...

Here's reality: Diets do NOT work. Riding ten hours a week doesn't work unless you change what you are eating along with that. AS we get older, the one constant is to change our lifestyle... stop eating processed foods, and eat healthy. There are lots of great recipes out there, all we have to do is look for them.

Like you, I was told that I needed a knee replacement when I was 21, I'm now 55. I also own a bike shop, and know how difficult it can be when the shop is busy. I also am a personal trainer, so time is very tight! But reality tells us that if we don't make the changes, then at some point, we'll have much more serious issues than a knee.

Someone once told me "put up or shut up", now I'm passing that along to you. Good luck in the shop, but more importantly, good luck in changing your lifestyle!!

Dan Dittrich said...

Thx! Totally agree!

Sarah Kopf said...

Dan-o, not that it's what the cool kids do, but will something like yoga help? I have permanent knee damage and yoga is AMAZING for my knees! It's been key in my healing. I'm all but swearing by it right now....