Monday, March 11, 2013


Sneaking thru. In the green kit. In zone 5.

My time here is short. I came home to a flooded out basement. Such fun.

The race went fine. I came in 27 out of 51. I'll take that with the shape Im in. It was a super fun race that I will for sure do again. The trails were very firm. I rocked 15 pounds of air in my tires. A practice almost never heard of with these bikes. I worked out for me tho...

After my usual too fast of a start I faded to catch my breath. After that I used my Chuamy technique of blasting the downhills to get over halfway up the next hill before I had to climb. Many a bike passed me climbing only to have me pass them going down the next hill at ludicrous speed. About 3/4 thru the race I found myself alone. And caught (and passed) three more riders before the finish. I didn't fall. I didn't take last and I passed someone late in the race. So its a good first Fatbike Birkie in the books.

Ive got more pics, and more Telemark story's to come. Hopefully tomorrow.


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