Monday, March 4, 2013


Today was my first "normal" day in a long time. Coffee on the beach at 12 degrees. Very nice.
Ive had some time to slow down in the last day and a half and Im feeling much better. I got to the store early today. Walked around a little. Sat back in my chair and finished my coffee while taking nice deep breaths.

I cant wait to be able to settle back into a morning routine with this new store. While its slowed a bit there is still work to do. I have to clean out old store but I have two months to do so. Every time I come to the new store I grab a car full of stuff, mostly personal junk.

Sunday I finally rode a bike. First time in 35 days. Thats nuts. And I felt about as bad as I ever did on it. Just one hour and everything hurt. We did a mix of road and snowmobile trails on the fatbikes. Much fun.
This Thursday I leave for Hayward, WI and am doing the Fattire Birkie on Saturday. Was set to do the longer race but just downgraded to the shorter. Just 12 miles or so. Even that is going to hurt quite a bit.
Ive been in this position before. Never have I been off the bike quite this long but several times I had huge gaps that left me feeling like crap in the saddle. I just gatta start putting in hours and I'll start to feel better with every ride. Weight (which has skyrocketed) will start coming off. I can get to group riding shape by spring no problem and just need to commit the time on the bike.

Soon. Very soon.



Sarah Kopf said...

Normal is good. Go get em, tiger!


P.S. Went snowshoeing for the first time on Saturday. I am in LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Your landscape pix are gorgeous!

Dan Dittrich said...

Thank you. Most are taken with me phone....