Tuesday, March 12, 2013

TELEMARK (part 2)

Leaving. Non operational ski hills in background.

This lobby is still breathtaking after all the years.
I thought maybe my first post about this place may have been misleading. But it was not. I could type quite some time about the crap we saw there. But I wont. Needless to say this is a beautiful place that is mismanaged. And maybe it not any one's fault. The place is falling apart for sure. It is minimally staffed and it shows. I saw every player from the "Hotel Impossible" show except for the owner. And its no surprise that the few here love this place. That does show.

But it seems just too much to do with so little.  To me it looks like the owner pooled as much money as he could to buy the place, with nothing left for repairs or even general maintenance. Staff levels based on current resort income is leaving them short it seems.

I think I said this last time, but I can look past all that. This is such a beautiful place and its sad to see it run on a shoestring. But... its better than locked doors.

Sunday when I left I took a lot of pictures. A lot. Deep down I was thinking this could be the last time I see this place. I hope not. Its easy to sit back and think of things like maybe just shut down a wing and concentrate on a smaller part of the resort. Remember, this place is huge, as we found out exploring on Thursday nite.

There is just no way you can upkeep the entire resort when your using only 30% of it.
The way things look now, it will not survive. How can it? The entire alpine ski hill was shut. No lifts working. I dont understand that but also dont know why. One would think that any entity that operates that place, even a well funded one, would need the downhill skiing going on.

On the Nordic side, what can one say? Its about as good as it gets. The grooming equipment was current and operating. The trails there are well taken care of and beautiful (as I rode my bike on them).

Friday skiing.
But I did get some skiing in on Friday. 40 degrees had me comfortably in shorts. Snow was a little sticky but I put in a good 5k on the classics (cuz I dont skate). Saw a pair of Bald Eagles and some wolf tracks (huge!)

March skiing is the best.

So while I was a bit upset with the check in fiasco on Thursday nite, it did lead to some fun in exploring. Which just added to the weekend. And I must say I did eat there twice and the food was very good. The race was awesome and the trails great.

I do hope the current owners make it. And I can look past all the shortcomings and will stay here again. But I think that's a long shot. I hope Im wrong but anything short of a big corporation coming in with a ton of money to spend will have this landmark tore down someday. Some parts of this place already look beyond repair.
Again, I hope that is not the case. I love this place and love the area its in.

Just the history of this place makes it cool to be in. All the celebrity's that came in its heyday. This visit I found out that Emeril Lagasse was once a chef here. This place was once such a big deal. Lets hope for the best.


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Unfortunatley it has shut down again and im really afraid that it may be done for