Friday, March 8, 2013


A very dark lobby. Still beautiful.
I love this place. The lobby is stunning. The area is gorgeous. The cross country skiing is the best in the Midwest. The MTBing is also above par.
Why cant this resort make it?
Did you see the episode of "Hotel Impossible" that featured this place? I think its still on out DVR.

I can tell you its no better.

They did make some improvements. And the lobby is still breathtaking. The bar\grill looks improved. But its the little things they miss. Our rooms were a bit dirty. But our check in was unbelievable.
We got here about 9pm. Walked into the lobby and its dark. I mean the entire resort was dark. Nobody here.
I walked around a bit, not knowing what to do. I saw a groomer on the other side of the resort so I jumped in the car and drove over there and he disappeared into the woods before I got there. We go back to the lobby. I was ready to drive to another hotel. Then, I walked along one of the counters in the lobby and randomly found a envelope with my name on it. My keys to the room. I had no idea. The never told me about this. I was 30 seconds from driving away.

yeah, for the last month most likely.
Found out room. Still, was are alone. Not another soul in this building. Rooms still old and untouched. A bit dusty. The TV does not work well.

Everywhere things don't work.

We start roaming the halls. Its dark and "The Shining" comes to mind.

This place is huge. We spent a lot of time looking behind closed doors. Nothing was locked. Checking out small office rooms. This was about 10pm. Lots of empty space here. Big themed rooms that you can see were not being used. Then......

We see another person down at the end of the hall. Walking our way. In the dark. On the second floor. We kinda try to ditch but its too late. I recognize the guy. He's the "general manager" seen from the Hotel Impossible show. He's in his PJ's. He walks past us without talking. Now... things are weird. Really? You see two people walking around at 1030pm and you dont say anything? I remember from the show he said he lived there. He really does.

About a hour later, we still are roaming, and a few groomers return and come into the bar\grill area. They were talkative  As we retired to our room I just thought what a strange nite it was. On one hand I cant believe it, on the other I had fun exploring the place at nite, in the dark. Really, we had the run of the place and could have done just about anything and got away with it. Just a weird experience.
And beside all it shortcomings.
I still love this place.

Today is a little skiing and maybe a bit of Birkie pre ride. They will let bikes on the first two miles. Nothing more.


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