Friday, March 22, 2013



Looks like these temps are here for a while. I check many weather web sites and it seems the high pressure thats in Canada will sit there at least 10 more days allowing cold air to pour in. Highs is the low 30's, lows in the teens. Well below the average high of 42.

We but as much as this weather is beating us down we do have one entity on our side. And that's the sun. Even in the cold times its directly above us now, melting the snow and ice. On the beach, the sand soaks in and holds the heat so the snow is melting away more every day. Even on days when the high is only 24 like yesterday. To me, 35 and sunny feels like 50 and cloudy. And if the sun works with me and not against me, I should start building hours in the saddle.

As in the past, I always get torn between skiing and riding. My window to do stuff seems to get smaller as I get older so I want to take advantage of it. Half of me says to go skiing while I can, the other says get your ass on that bike. I guess a perfect weekend would include both and thats what Im looking for this weekend.

Looks like clear roads tomorrow for the group ride that has been done to a trickle lately. Right now its the one morning per week that I put time aside for a bike ride and I dare not miss anymore. Im in. Like I said last week I cant wait anymore. Its go time.
Cross bike for me. Road ride.

Have a good weekend!

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Sarah Kopf said...

Enjoy! Want this white garbage gone!