Wednesday, March 27, 2013


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Today spring is starting to ramp up. 37 degrees and sun at wake up means well into the 40's.

All the ice formations on the lake's shore are gone. Bare sand soaking up all the heat of the day. The ice can form 30 yards out when we get a cold spell. And it does take days and days to form. But when the spring temps and sun hit it just right its all gone in about 30 hours.

And today its totally gone. One can walk the beach once again.

I have not yet seen a Robin but they are here. Every morning as I walk into the store a Cardinal is singing in the tree next to. The Sandhill cranes are back. The Sheboygan river behind the store is completely open. Tons of ducks and geese.

Its all coming together and with the coming of second winter it seems spring is going to hit like a two ton heavy thing. Im preparing the store as such. Keeping temp staff at the ready for the beginning of the cycling season. Opening day is soon.

Soon my morning rides will start. Soon I will not need to carry as much clothing in my backpack for riding, ditching the thermal tights for knee warmers, etc. The lingering snow will keep us out of the woods for awhile but a few warmer, windy days will dry the trails in time.

This will all be very soon.


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