Thursday, March 7, 2013


Thought I would not have time to post today but I do! Just opened the store.
But beforehand, after I stopped for a brief visit to the HP and got my oil changed, stopped at the bank and grocery store.

Im ready for the weekend!

The store seems good to go. Everyday before I come here I stop at the old store to get a box full of stuff. My lease there does not run out till the end of April so I have time to empty it. A box full a day adds up!

So my mind is not on work, its on the 6 hour drive up to Cable, WI. 

As well it should be. 

Car is well over halfway packed. Just a few last minute things (like our ski's) and we are off!

I just love it up there. Except for the CC skiing can be a little trying at times. Either your going straight up or straight down. Hope to find a "beginner" loop at the resort. Im not that good of skier. Will take lots of pictures and post them.
Thus ends the quickie.


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